Account verification is identification of you as an individual and confirmation of your address details. To verify your account you need a device with built-in camera to take a real-time selfie *, as well as a photo of your passport and proof of address. The whole process will take no more than 15 minutes, if you follow all the rules and recommendations. A list of suitable documents that can be used to verify your address and identity is provided below.

In the "Personal details" section click "Verify account" button.

Do these 3 steps in this order:

  • ID confirmation

  • Selfie

  • Proof of residence

If the system rejects the document, proceed as recommended by the system.


  • To replace a selfie in real time by uploading a photo with a document in your hand, please, contact Solar Staff customer support

Step 1 - Identity confirmation

Select a document type and upload an image as shown in the example. If your document is an ID-card or a driving license, upload images from the front and back one by one. When the document is uploaded, click "Next Step"

Step 2 - Selfie

Click Get Started. If the browser does not recognize your webcam, you need to change the access settings.

Attention! A selfie is needed to match the face to the photo of your document. If, while taking a selfie, another person or object is recorded, the system will regard your verification as a fraud. In this case, your application will be rejected automatically.

Position your face in the oval, click "I'm ready" and follow the instructions on the screen. After the photo has been successfully taken, you will receive a corresponding notification. Click Next Step.

In the case of uploading a photo with a document in your hand, upload the photo as it is shown in the image:

Step 3 - Confirmation of address

Upload a photo of the document indicating your registration or residence address.

If your passport has information about your registration, use the registration page to confirm the address. If another document is provided, the date of its issue should be no more than 3 months from the date of verification. The document must contain the following data:

  • Your first name, middle name (if you have one) and last name.

  • Your full home address

  • A seal of the organization that submitted the document

Make sure all the data is correct and click Next

The documents will be sent for automatic verification, which will take a few minutes. You will receive a notification that the verification is complete and your account status will be updated. If for some reason the verification is not passed, information on the necessary further actions will be available on the Personal details page.

Requirements for files

There are mandatory requirements for uploading a photo. If they are not met, the system will reject the document.

  • A photo of the document must be taken from the original document

  • The document must belong to you

  • All four corners of the document should be visible in the photo.

  • It is prohibited to cover the data in the document with hands or other objects.

  • It is prohibited to use graphics editors or mobile scanners to reduce the size/crop or cut a photo.

Attention! If the information in the uploaded document was corrected or a file that does not belong to you was uploaded, the verification application will be blocked automatically for security reasons as an attempt of fraud or forgery.

What is verification for?

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