Intellectual property rights are legally recognized rights to own the products of intellectual activity.

What does it mean to transfer intellectual property rights in the task? Let's see an example:

You've received a task via Solar Staff and wrote an article for the magazine. When you receive the task, you see a message that the customer requires the transfer of exclusive rights to the results of your work.

This means that you transfer the rights to the customer to use the result of your work (in this case, the text of the article written by you) in all available ways: print in a magazine, post on the site, translate into other languages, and so. In this case, you are deprived of the right to do the same yourself after you have transferred the result of the work and received your remuneration for this work.

You also have no right to prohibit your customer from doing any action with the article, for example, to translate it into another language or to add illustrations (even if you do not like them).

Legally, you agreed to these terms when registrated in our service and confirmed the section 3 of the subcontractor offer agreement according to which you receive your remuneration via the Solar Staff service.

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