To change your phone number you need to contact our support team, as for the security reasons only customer support managers are allowed to change it by your request sent via online chat or by e-mail to Please see below the needed information from you:

1. To correct the phone number if you were mistaken in 1 or 2 digits:

Please indicate your correct phone number and user login (e-mail used for registering in Solar Staff)

2. To change the phone number completely:

Please, pass verification in the "Personal details" section of your account and write to us in our online chat or to your new phone number.

If you verified your account earlier, please, contact your customer to change the number.

As soon as you receive the message that your number is changed, please follow the next steps:

  1. Login to Solar Staff from the main page After clicking the "Login" button, you will be redirected to the phone number confirmation page

  2. In the code entry field please enter the OTP code sent in SMS.

Should you have more questions, please contact our support team by live chat or by e-mail

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