New tasks appear in a freelancer's account at different times and in different statuses. It depends on the customer's internal policy and the chosen scheme of interaction with Solar Staff.

The standard task processing scheme is as follows:

More about statuses:

  • Not confirmed - the new task has been created to you by the customer. To confirm the task and take it to work, click Accept.

  • In progress - you have taken the task to work. To complete the task: upload a file or attach a link if the task implies indicating the result of the work, and click the Finish button.

  • Pending acceptance - you have completed the task and sent the result of your work to the customer for review. As soon as your customer checks and accepts the result, the task will change its status to “Pending payment”.

  • Pending payment - the task is in the queue for payment at the customer's personal account. As soon as the customer pays for the task, the money will reach your balance and will be available for withdrawal to a payment method you previously added.

  • Declined by customer - the customer has declined the task. To clarify the reason, you must contact the customer.

  • Declined by you - you declined the task. To agree on new conditions for the task, you must contact the customer.

  • Pending cancellation confirmation - the customer has canceled the task and you need to confirm the cancellation. Most often this happens by prior agreement with the customer. If you do not agree with the cancellation, please inform the customer or contact support.

  • Waiting for customer decision - the task was not completed by the freelancer before the deadline. The customer will make a decision with the task: either extend the deadline or cancel the task. You can inform your customer of the reason for the missed deadline in order to agree on an extension of the deadline.

  • Task completed - you have completed the task, and the customer has paid you for it. The money for the task has been added to your balance and is ready for withdrawal.

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