Upon receiving an invitation to work through Solar Staff, a freelancer passes 3 steps to get started:

Step 1. Account registration

Freelancer's registration in Solar Staff is possible only by invitation from the customer. After receiving an email from noreply@solar-staff.com a freelancer needs to follow the invitation link to get registered. See more about registration here.

Step 2. Setting up a personal profile

After registration is complete, we recommend setting up your profile and checking some information:

  • Account verification
    Verification of freelancer's account is a 3- step procedure: 1 ) uploading a passport or ID photo, 2) making real-time selfie with the use of web camera and 3) uploading utility bill or other document to prove residential address.
    Recommended action. Freelancer is free to postpone this procedure or suspend it at any stage to continue later. See more details here.

  • Choosing the Tax status. Applicable only for Russian tax residents.
    Please read in more details here

  • Checking the list of customers. At the Customers page there is a list of names of the customers who invited the freelancer to join their teams in Solar Staff. Freelancer can set up an option to auto accept tasks from the definite customer. By choosing this option, all the tasks newly assigned to you will automatically appear in the task's status " in work", so that there is no need to accept tasks manually.

  • Checking the Tasks page. At the page Tasks there is a list of tasks assigned to a freelancer by their customers. If the task is set, then some actions might be required from the freelancer to change the task's status: for example, to press "accept" or "finish" the task. If the Tasks section is empty, it means that the customer has not assigned any task to you yet. As soon as the task is assigned, the correspondent message is sent by e-mail. Please see below the Task interaction scheme and read about task's statuses in more details here.

Step 3. Setting up a Finances page

  • Checking FAQ section. Before linking payment methods we strongly recommend reading our articles in the FAQ section at the page Finances. A freelancer may find all the instructions concerning finance section, i.e "how to link payment methods" or "what are actual limitations for some countries/ tax statuses". Full Knowledge base for English speaking freelancers is available here

  • Setting up auto payment. Please note that we recommend to set up auto payment after the first successful transaction to the chosen payment method. Also, please bear in mind that it will work only in the currency of your balance provided that the balance amount is greater than 50 EUR ( for EUR balance) / 50 USD (for USD balance) / 1000 RUB ( for RUB balance). For more details please read here

  • Setting up "Get payments to Solar Staff account". This option is applicable only for those freelancers who withdraw funds from the external customer's app integrated with Solar Staff. It means that all the payments for the tasks will be accumulated in your Solar Staff account and can be withdrawn manually.

After completing all three steps you are ready to start working on tasks. If your task is complete and paid then you are able to withdraw your funds.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support team by online chat or send e-mail to support@solar-staff.com.

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