To confirm the income received in Solar Staff, a freelancer can download two types of reporting documents from their personal account:

  • Reports of work performed or services rendered

  • Invoices for received remuneration.

Important! Reports and invoices are generated based on your data in the service. Before generating the documents, make sure that your data (full name) of the Solar Staff personal account matches your passport data.

How to get reports and invoices?

In your personal account, in the Documents section, select the desired menu item: Reports or Invoices.


  • Click "Generate all reports"

Reports will be generated for your account for the entire period of your using the service, for the months in which there were tasks in the "Completed" status. The documents will be arranged in a list distributed over the years. All reports for the current year will be shown in an expanded list, while reports for past periods will be grouped under the title of the corresponding year, for example: "Acts for 2019".

  • To download one report, select the desired year and period. If you need to download several reports at once, tick the checkboxes of the required files or the upper checkbox to select everything from the list.


  • Select the period for which you want to generate invoices and click Generate invoices

A list of invoices corresponding to each individual successful withdrawal transaction from the service will appear. Please note that the invoice will be generated in real time, and the initial status of the account will be "In Progress". After a few minutes, the status will be updated, and it will be possible to download a file or several files in an archive.

  • Select the desired transaction date or select the top check box to select all, and then click Download.

For additional questions, please contact the Solar Staff support via online chat or send an email to We are always happy to help!

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