The Solar Staff service provides two types of reporting documents for a freelancer: reports of performed work / rendered services and invoices for received remuneration.

Reports of performed work / rendered services:

  • Reports are created based on the results of the calendar month.

  • Reports reflect only completed tasks, i.e. those tasks that the customer actually paid for in a specific calendar month.

  • Reports are drawn up in the currency of the cost of the tasks.


  • Invoices can be downloaded for each successful withdrawal operation.

  • The invoice date corresponds to the date of the corresponding withdrawal transaction from the personal account.

  • At the time an invoice is created, a freelancer may already received the money on the card / wallet / account of the individual entrepreneur or still be being credited by the banks. The term for crediting a specific payment method is indicated in the document.

  • If the freelancer withdraws money in parts, and not immediately in the amount of the paid task, the amount in the invoice may not coincide with the cost of one task. In this case, the amount of funds withdrawn may correspond to parts of the cost of some tasks.

  • The invoice currency corresponds to the withdrawal currency selected by the freelancer and may differ from the task currency.

Please note that the documents provided to Solar Staff freelancers are written in English and are translated line-by-line into Russian.

What reporting documents may be required?

Both documents can be used to confirm a source of income or proof of performing work / rendering services as a freelancer. The report can also be applied to fix the transfer of intellectual property rights (if such a task was performed by a freelancer).

Document samples

For all freelancers (except Individual entrepreneurs from Russia), the documents will look like this:

Important! Reports and invoices are generated based on your data service. Before generating the documents, make sure that your data (full name) of the Solar Staff personal account matches your passport data.

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