Account verification is a confirmation of your identity and personal data. The verification process takes place sequentially in three stages, with the use of a smartphone or computer. You can change the device at any stage of verification.

You may need to verify your account in the following cases:

  • to perform tasks with the transfer of intellectual property rights;

  • to successfully receive payments to bank cards and current accounts;

  • for the tax residents of the Russian Federation - to withdraw funds in an amount exceeding 15,000 rubles (or the equivalent in foreign currency) per calendar year as an individual (if no other tax status have been chosen).

What do you need to prepare for successful verification?

  • Computer with built-in / external camera or smartphone.

  • Pictures of two * documents to prove your identity and residential address as required below. Make sure your files are not screenshots - the system will not be able to accept them.

Attention! Please make sure all your files are original photos not a screenshots. Do not use a graphics editor for image processing, including image rotation, increase or decrease the brightness or contrast of the photo, photo saving through a graphics editor or any other actions. Using a mobile scanner is also prohibited. System rejects the document due to the remaining marks after such an actions.

Please make sure all four corners of your document are included in your photo.

How to start verification process?

To initiate verification, please go to the Personal details section of the menu.

  • Click Verify account.

Please read Terms of Use of the Solar Staff Interactive Service and The Privacy Policy of the Solar Staff Interactive Service carefully before uploading your documents.

Please, check the checkbox then click Next. Follow further instructions.

Stage 1 - Identity confirmation

Select a document type and upload an image as shown in the example. If your document is an ID-card or a driver's license, upload images from the front and back one by one. When the document is loaded, click Next Step.

Important! The photo of your document must be of high quality. The light glare or shadows in the photo are not allowed. All information on the document must be clearly visible.

Stage 2 - Selfie

  • Click Get Started. If the browser does not recognize your webcam, you need to change the access settings.

  • Position your face in an oval, click "I'm ready" and follow the instructions on the screen. After the photo has been successfully taken, you will receive a corresponding notification. Click Next Step.

Important! Make sure the camera is not detecting other faces or objects when taking selfie. Otherwise, the system will detect a gross violation of the verification rules and your profile will be automatically rejected.

Please be aware! If you have troubles with your camera or are unable to take a selfie online, please contact us via online chat from your account or send an e-mail to with a request a request to enable a selfie file upload. You will need to take a selfie with a document in your hands as shown in the first image:

Stage 3 - Confirmation of address

  • Upload a photo of the document indicating your registration or residence address.

The document must contain your full name (name, surname), full home address. The date of issue of the provided document must not be older than 3 months.

  • Make sure all the data is correct and click Next

The documents will be sent for automatic verification, which will take a few minutes. You will receive a notification that the verification is complete and your account status will be updated. If for some reason the verification is not passed, information on the necessary further actions will be available on the Personal details page.

How do we process your data?

Before going through verification, you need to read and accept the terms of the agreement, which you will see immediately after clicking the Verification button.

We strive to maintain the highest level of security of the service and protect your privacy while collecting, processing and storing your personal information. All personal information that we collect or receive, including passport data, is processed and stored in compliance with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation on the protection of personal data and the General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter - “GDPR”). Only authorized personnel in the company can view / edit / modify the data received from you. All connections to the server are made through a VPN and using appropriate security methods.

Still have questions? Contact our customer support via the online chat or e-mail to

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