Crediting of three balances

The customer pays for the completed task, and one of the three balances of the freelancer's account is credited in euros, Russian rubles or US dollars, depending on the task currency. If a freelancer performs tasks for several customers with different currencies, each balance is credited separately without adding together the amounts of the three balances. Transferring funds from one balance to another is not allowed.

Withdrawing money from the balance

To proceed to payment, click on the balance amounts or select the Finance section in the menu. You can withdraw money from your account at any time in the amount you need.

Payments from different balances are made separately:

  • Select one of the three balances which you want to withdraw money from and click Withdraw.

  • Select a card / wallet / bank account (SEPA) and indicate the amount that you want to withdraw. Click Next.

  • Depending on the selected payment method, you will be offered different payment options. Select the amount in the deposit currency. Read more about the rules for payments from three balances here.

  • Confirm your choice and click Withdraw. If you made a mistake in the amount, click Back and you will be returned to the previous step or you can cancel the withdrawal.

Where can I see the payment status?

At the bottom of the Finance page, All transactions, a record of the withdrawal you made is displayed:

  • Payout is displayed as an amount with a "-" sign, a balance crediting transaction (payment for a task) has a positive value.

  • To view detailed information about the payout, click on the "+" sign of the required transaction.

Is there any commission for making a payment?

The service does not deduct any commission from the freelancer, except for payments to bank cards / bank accounts (SEPA) which are less than the minimum amounts for each currency:

  • The minimum amount for payments to bank cards without commission:
    1000 rubles, 50 EUR or 50 USD.

  • The minimum amount for payments to bank accounts (SEPA) without commission:
    10 EUR.

  • Service commission for withdrawing smaller amounts to bank cards:
    50 rubles / 2 EUR / 2 USD, respectively

  • Service commission for withdrawing smaller amounts to bank accounts (SEPA):
    1 EUR

If a payment is made by converting from one currency into another, then the minimum amount applies to the currency the payment is converted into and NOT the currency it was converted from - see the example below:

Can I set up auto payment?

For your convenience, you can set up automatic payments - at the top of the Finance page, click Auto withdraw

Automatic payments must be set up for each balance separately. You can choose different cards/wallets/bank accounts (SEPA) or use the same one if it is available in the selection for all currencies.

After clicking on the Auto withdraw button, you need to check the Automatically withdraw remuneration to the specified payment method and select a payment method for automatic payments, click Save

  • Note! Automatic payment can only be set up for the corresponding balance currency. Selection of options in other currencies is not applied in auto payouts.

  • Auto payout will be triggered when the amount reaches at least 1000 rubles, either 50 euros, or 50 US dollars.

If you receive tasks from different customers, including the API, then you can configure receiving funds only to your balance in your Solar Staff personal account.

To do this, in the Finance - Balances. Click the checkbox:

Can I return a payment?

Since the service is not a bank or a "payment system", Solar Staff co-operates with a few payment partners to provide payments for freelancers.

  • All payments are irrevocable, a successful payment cannot be returned.

  • If the payment was unsuccessful, we will receive an error message from the partner within a few business days and refund the money to the Solar Staff balance from which it was withdrawn. You will be notified of the reason for the return by e-mail.

Terms of crediting

Withdrawing or debiting from the balance means sending money to a card / wallet / bank account (SEPA) and does not mean that it will be instantly credited. The terms for crediting money vary depending on the type of payment method:

  • to electronic wallets - from a few seconds to six business days

  • to bank cards - from a few minutes to six working days

  • to bank accounts (SEPA) - from a few minutes to six working days

Bank account payouts limitations

  • Payments to the bank accounts of individual entrepreneurs registered in Russia and Belarus are made according to the register of payments twice a week.

  • Transfers to foreign accounts NOT in the SEPA zone are made manually. For such payments, you must make a request to the support team, indicating the account details and the address of the account holder. There are restrictions on the minimum transfer amount:

    - payments are made free of charge if the amount of wire transfer is more than 1000 EUR / USD

    - payments are made free of charge if the amount is more than 500 EUR / USD and a user does not have other ways to withdraw funds due to the peculiarities of the country's payment systems.

    - payments are made with a deduction of a commission of 25 EUR / USD, if the amount is less than 500 EUR / USD. Such a payment can be requested once in 30 days.

For more information, write to us in the online chat from your Solar Staff account or send an email to

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