Adding a bank card:

To add a card to your account, choose the Finances section of the Solar Staff account menu, Payment methods:

  1. Click the Add VISA/MC Card/MIR (MC is MasterCard) button.

3. Enter the code from the SMS

4. After successfully entering the code, the secure card binding terminal page will be open. This is available only for your viewing.

Card adding terminal:

  • Card number: carefully enter the card number manually, do not copy and paste it from other sources. The number must not exceed 16 characters. Please check twice that the entered number is correct

Please note! After you click Send Card, you will no longer be able to verify the data entered. Only the card mask will be available (with hidden digits in the middle of the card number).

  • Cardholder name: Enter the name of the cardholder exactly as on the card - in uppercase Latin letters without any superscripts, subscripts and other signs. There should only be one space between the name and surname.

Please note! There are a number of peculiarities for entering a cardholder's name:

1) If there is only one initial letter and a dot in the name of the cardholder, for example M. IVANOVA, it is necessary to replace the two symbols - M. with your full name in Latin letters - MARIA

2) If the cardholder’s name is indicated as NO NAME or any other name, it also requires your real name and surname written in Latin letters to be entered, for example, as indicated in your international passport.

3) If there are superscripts, subscripts or other characters in the name of the cardholder, for example MARÍA, then the letter with such a symbol should be replaced with a Latin letter without the symbol – MARIA

4) Signs are not allowed in the name spelling. If the spelling of the card contains a character, such as a hyphen, replace it with a space, or omit it.

  • Expiration date: Carefully select the expiration date of the card in the corresponding drop-down lists.

  • Click the Send card button. Your card will be displayed on the Finance page.


1) Cards issued by the following banks cannot be added::

  • Citibank

  • Swedbank

  • Payoneer

  • USA banks

  • DBS Bank India Limited

2) There are restrictions on the payment systems of cards for some countries. More details: Countries and Payouts

3) It is not allowed to use one card in different accounts.

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