As of August, 24th 2020 a new way of crediting a freelancer's balance in Solar Staff comes into force, as well as additional withdrawal options becoming available


Key changes:

  1. For any freelancer and regardless of the country of residence, three active balances in euros, US dollars and Russian rubles have become available.
  2. The restriction "one balance in one currency" is canceled. Converting the cost of the task into the currency of the freelancer's balance is no longer necessary.
  3. The money is credited to the corresponding balance in the currency in which the task was paid for by the customer. If a freelancer performs tasks for several customers using different currencies, then the corresponding balances are credited.
  4. Withdrawing money is made from each balance separately. The payment can be in the balance's currency, or in another currency with conversion.
  5. There are rules for payments from three balances depending on the payment method (card or wallet), and additionally for a card - depending on the card issuing bank.
  6. Bank cards are linked without specifying the card currency. Cards are automatically determined by the country of the issuing bank.
  7. The minimum amounts for withdrawing money to bank cards without commission have been reduced to 50 EUR or 50 USD. Service commission for withdrawing smaller amounts is now 2 EUR or 2 USD.

Withdrawing options for each of the balances:




A few important points :

  • If the task is paid for in EUR or USD, then the withdrawal in these currencies can be made to any card or wallet without restrictions
  • Withdrawal of amounts from a ruble balance to a card of a Russian bank is possible only in rubles.
  • When withdrawing from a ruble balance to a card issued by a bank not in the Russian Federation, the withdrawal is possible only in foreign currency, with a preliminary conversion in the service. Rubles cannot be sent to such a card.
  • When withdrawing amounts in any currency to PayPal and WMZ wallets, funds will be credited only in USD.
  • When withdrawing amounts to Qiwi wallets, only rubles will be credited, regardless of the balance currency.

For more information on how to withdraw funds from the balance, see here.

For more information, write to us in the online chat from your Solar Staff account or send an email to support@solar-staff.com

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