Basic rules for payouts:

  1. For any freelancer and regardless of the country of residence, three active balances in euros, US dollars and Russian rubles have become available.

  2. The money is credited to the corresponding balance in the currency in which the task was paid for by the customer. If a freelancer performs tasks for several customers using different currencies, then the corresponding balances are credited.

  3. Transferring funds from one balance to another is not allowed. Withdrawing money is made from each balance separately.

  4. The payment can be in the balance's currency, or in another currency with conversion.

  5. All payments to Russian cards and bank accounts are converted into rubles, regardless of the currency of the task (Updated on March, 9th, 2022).

  6. The minimum amounts for withdrawing money to bank cards without commission are as follows:
    - 50 EUR / 50 USD / 1000 RUB.
    Service commission for withdrawing smaller amounts is 2 EUR/ 2 USD/ 50 RUB.

  7. When withdrawing from a ruble balance to a card issued by a bank not in the Russian Federation, the withdrawal is possible only in foreign currency, with a preliminary conversion in the service. Rubles cannot be sent to such a card. Such payments made by Api can be converted only in euros.

  8. If the task is paid for in EUR or USD, then the withdrawal in these currencies can be made to any card or wallet, excluding only the cards issued by Russian banks and payouts to bank accounts for individual entrepreneurs of Russian Federation.
    (Updated on March, 9th, 2022)

  9. Bank cards are linked without specifying the card currency. Cards are automatically determined by the country of the issuing bank.

  10. When withdrawing amounts in any currency to WMZ wallets, funds will be credited only in USD.

    Available payouts

    (including some countries separately)

    * Payments in rubles to cards of banks of the Republic of Belarus and Kazakhstan are made through double conversion on the side of payment partners: RUB > EUR / USD > RUB at the rate of the payment partner based on the rates of international payment systems Mastercard and Visa.

    ** Payments to the bank account of banks in India, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Uruguay are made only to accounts opened in the national currency. At the same time, the withdrawal from the platform is made with primary conversion into USD and then on the side of the payment partner - secondary conversion into the national currency.

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