Payments to some countries are limited by the type of payment method or totally unavailable. At the moment the below list of limitations are actual:

Payments to the bank cards of the above listed countries can not be guaranteed unless the first payout to the specific card is successful. 

Wire transfers to the US citizens are available only from 1000 euros.
To initiate the transfer please contact support team via chat or write to The following bank details are required:

Account number - in order to make a wire transfer from abroad in euros / IBAN
Full name of account holder
Full Name of Bank
SWIFT code
Actual address of account holder
Please be informed that for international payment in EUR you need to provide not only routing number of your bank but its SWIFT code as well. If your bank doesn’t have SWIFT code then it should be intermediary bank with SWIFT code in which your bank has an account.

For additional questions, please write to Solar Staff support in the online chat or by email to We are always happy to help!

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