As part of the procedure to add a wallet to your Solar Staff account, we will send you a text message with a one-time passcode. This will be sent to the phone number listed on your Personal details page.

Please follow the instructions to add a wallet:

  • Go to the Finance page of your account
  • Click the Add new and select one from the list:  Qiwi/PayPal/WMZ
  • Enter the one-time code sent via SMS or Google Authenticator.  This is sent to the phone number you registered with. 
  • In the secure terminal please enter the details of your chosen e-wallet:
     - for Qiwi: the phone number the wallet is linked to, without the ‘+‘ symbol
     - for PayPal: the e-mail address the wallet is linked to
     - for WMZ: the full WMZ number, starting with Z
  • After reading the offer agreement, click the checkbox to agree with the service’s terms of use 
  • Click Send wallet.
  • Qiwi: the final currency to be credited on Qiwi wallet - rubles. You may also withdraw funds from EUR and USD balances with preliminary conversion;
  • Paypal & WMZ  the final currency to be credited on PayPal and WMZ wallets - US dollars. You may also withdraw funds from EUR and RUB balances with the preliminary conversion.

When you withdraw money, you will be shown the amount to be credited in the currency of the wallet according to the conversion rate of service:

For more information, write to us in the online chat from your Solar Staff account or send an email to

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