When a Solar Staff task has been done, it needs to be submitted as ‘complete’.

Please follow the instructions:

1. Expand the task details by clicking on the task number or name

2. Upload the file with the result of your work in the section "Files attached to task". 

If your task does not require the upload of the result of your work, skip step 2 and proceed with step 3.

  • File upload in most cases is accompanied by the transfer of intellectual property rights. If so, you are required to have uploaded and verified a photo or scan of your passport.

  • File types: rar, jpg, png, gif, tiff, ico, bmp, psd, txt, pdf, doc, xls, ppt, csv. File size not bigger than 30 MB. If your file type differs from any of the above mentioned, add it to zip-archive.

  • If the result of the work is located on a third-party resource, attach a link to the source. Select the Attach link button and paste the copied link into one of two fields: if you transfer intellectual rights of the result of the work, select the first field. If there is no transfer of intellectual rights, select the second field. Please note that this link will appear in the customer’s documents as the result of the work.

  • After the file or link is attached, click the Upload button.

3. Press the "Finish task" button:

The status of your task will be updated to a new one – ‘Pending acceptance’:

It means that the customer will have to check the result of your work and how you completed the task.The customer will either accept the result and then pay you for it or return the task for revision. As soon as the task is paid, you will receive remuneration on your Solar Staff account and a corresponding message will be sent to your mailbox.

Still have questions? Contact our customer support via the online chat or e-mail support@solar-staff.com 

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