Tasks change their status as they are created and performed:

  • Not confirmed - the new task has been assigned to you. To confirm the task and take it to work, click Accept.
  • In work - you have taken the task to work. To complete the task: upload the file or attach the link if the task implies the result of the work, and click the Finish button.
  • Pending acceptance - the customer has not checked and accepted the result of your work on the task yet.
  • Pending payment - the customer has accepted the result of the task and will pay for it.
  • Declined by customer - the customer has declined the task. To clarify the reason, you must contact the customer.
  • Declined by you - you declined the task. To agree on new conditions for the task, you must contact the customer.
  • Task completed - you have completed the task, and the customer has paid you for it. The money for the task has been added to your balance.

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