Briefly: In the Personal details section of the menu you are asked to fill in your profile, specify your address and upload a scan of your passport. Here you can change your password to log in the Solar Staff.

Profile settings

Personal details

In this section you are advised to specify the following personal information:

  1. First name

  2. Surname

  3. Date of birth

  4. Specialization (if it was not chosen at the time of filling in the registration form)

After filling in your personal information, click the Save Settings button located under this information.

Current address

The information on your current address is indicated in the following order:

  1. Country

  2. City

  3. Post code

  4. Street, house, apartment

The Country field will already be filled in, and the specified country will match the country code of your phone number. You can change the country on request.

After filling in the address information, click the "Save settings" button located under this information.

Uploading passport scan

In this section you need to upload the scan of your passport:

  1. Click the Choose File button.

  2. Select a file

  3. Click the Download button.

After downloading, the name of the downloaded file appears in the Downloaded document line. The requirements for the quality and format of the file are listed here. The document file will then be checked to ensure it meets the quality and format requirements. Within three days you can see the result of the check in the Passport Status Check box. If the document does not meet the requirements, you will be informed why and asked to download the updated file.

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