The function of Automatic payments can be activated in your Solar Staff account.

It means that as soon as your remuneration is paid by your Customer, the money* is automatically sent** to the bank card you've chosen at the moment of setting this function.

We recommend to set this function only after you have made at least one successful withdrawal earlier.

To set the function:

  • Log in your Solar Staff account using computer (NO smartphones)

  • Choose Finance section in the menu

  • At the top of the page click on active button Automatic payments settings

  • Tick the check-box Receive payments using selected method

  • Click on the bank card number you've chosen for accepting automatic payments

  • Press Save button.

At any time you can cancel your automatic setting just by clicking on check-box.

* Only if your balance is more than €100

**Sent does not mean credited instantly to your card

The terms of money transfer vary depending on the bank-issuer and the country:

  • max 6 working days - to European countries

  • max 10 working days - to other countries

US bank cards, Canadian bank cards are not appropriate for this type of money transfer.

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