Overview of the menu sections

The Solar Staff account menu is located on the vertical panel on the left, on a black background, and has 4 main sections:

  1. My tasks. This section is for accepting and completing tasks
  2. Reports - for downloading files (scanned versions of originals) of acts of acceptance and transfer for work and/or services performed through the Solar Staff
  3. Personal details - to fill in your personal information and address and to download the passport scan and change the password in the service
  4. Finances - to add the payment method and withdraw money from the balance.

The top part of the menu bar is informational. You can see there your name and surname, the amount and the currency of your balance in Solar Staff .

The panel also contains these active buttons:

  • Tax declaration - redirects to the Tax service website to fill in the declaration on the 3-NDFL form (only for Russian Federation)
  • Support - redirects to the Solar Staff Support page
  • Log out  - ends the session and redirects to the main page of the service

The additional item of the Notifications menu appears only if we recommend you to do something.

This is how the menu bar looks in your Solar Staff account:

What are Notifications?

If you see this item and the number on the red background to the right of the menu item, click on the Notifications section and you will see a list of our recommendations. The number indicates the number of notifications.

What does the balance show?

This is an information line showing your balance with Solar Staff and to the right of it, the currency of your balance is indicated. The balance changes as soon as the customer pays for the tasks you completed. If you see a certain amount on the balance, it means the customer has paid for your task. You can withdraw money from the balance to the payment method in the Finances section.

Still have questions? Contact our customer support via the online chat or e-mail support@solar-staff.com 

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