Why do freelancers have to pay income tax in Solar Staff?

  • A Freelancer is not an employee of a Customer's or General Contractor's organization. The freelancer hub pays freelancers on a per-job or per-service basis according to the public offer agreement, where the freelancer acts as a subcontractor for the foreign company Solar Staff. The subcontractor is neither an employee of the Customer's organization that uses their service, nor an employee of Solar Staff. Accordingly, legal provisions of labor law are not applicable to freelancers who work via Solar Staff.

  • Solar Staff is a foreign General Contractor, it is not a tax agent of a freelancer. Solar Staff is registered in Cyprus. Freelancers pay income taxes on their own in compliance with their official tax status and the legislation of the country where they are residents.

  • At Solar Staff the concepts of an employer, labor relations and wages are not applicable.

When and how to pay taxes?

According to article 7.5 of the public offer agreement, at Solar Staff paying income taxes is the sole responsibility of the freelancer. Taxes must be paid in accordance with the chosen system of taxation and the legislation of the country where you are a resident.

Our knowledge base contains FAQs for the several countries*:

*the list is being updated as the number of freelansers from different countries and support requests is growing.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support team by online chat or send e-mail to support@solar-staff.com.

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